Istanbul Technical University aims to equip students in all disciplines with the information technology infrastructure to be effective in today's society. ITU IT infrastructure, configured to achieve this goal, is among the nation's largest information and communication systems. 

IT Infrastructure

Istanbul Technical University, offers data communication and Internet services to all its campuses by Wide Area Networking (WAN) and wireless networking technologies. This infrastructure is empowered and renovated by the state-of-the art technologies such as campus wide 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet technologies. Network speed and bandwidth are increased continually to comply with the developing technology standards and to meet the intensive user demands. ITU offers students free Wi-Fi access in all campuses.

Istanbul Technical University serves as the Marmara Region Gateway of the National Academic Network and provides private Internet data access with 600 Mbps bandwidth to its community. 

Student Computer Laboratories

Computer laboratories with advanced equipment and peripheral units are utilized to provide personal work space and study environments and the required software for students and academic personnel.

There are over 1000 PCs in 40 computer labs located at the faculty buildings. In all ITU campuses, over 6000 computer systems are connected to intranet and Internet.

The software packages that are requested by various disciplines are provided by ITU Center of Information Technologies through campus licensing agreements, and these software packages are made available at a server located on campus. Some of these software packages are Microsoft, Autodesk, ANSYS, SPSS.

High Performance Computing Systems

High Performance Computing Systems are made available to researchers at ITU and in Turkey to be used for solving complex engineering problems and for advanced research studies. These systems are continuously improved according to infrastructure needs.

Computer aided engineering software packages, software development, and analysis products are installed at the High Performance Computing Systems. These systems are also being used for parallel and supercomputing research studies and education. The system architecture allows for effective utilization of shared memory or distributed memory parallel computing models. The super computing system is accessible through all the computers that are connected via university’s IT infrastructure. For more information on super computing system, please click on the link given below.

Center of Information Technologies

ITU Center of Information Technologies is responsible for the design, update and management of the information technology & communications infrastructure in campus. The Center of Information Technologies is manages İTÜ/NET, which is one of the largest IT systems in Turkey, and provides service in system management, network management, software and multimedia.

The center was recently restructured, and besides active utilization of high technology, transfer and update of the produced information became possible through this center. The Center of Information Technologies is a partner of Cisco Systems (Cisco NetAcad Regional and Local Academy) and Microsoft IT Academy. In these programs, Network Development and Management, Linux and Microsoft System Management, Database Design, Software Development trainings are provided.

In the laboratories that are managed by the Center of Information Technologies there are over 3000 computers made available for students' use. A personal email address and some disk space for publishing a personal web site are provided to each student.

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