The history of Istanbul Technical University library dates back to the Mühendishane-i Berri-i Hümayun which was established in 1795. The first library regulations were prepared in 1797. Mühendishane printing house which was founded in those years were the source that has sustained the library.

Today knowledge services at ITU are sustained on 5 campuses with 8 libraries. Library services are given at Mustafa İnan Library in Ayazağa Campus and at 7 branch libraries in Maçka, Taşkışla, Gümüşsuyu and Tuzla campuses.

Library and Document Office with 7000 rare books among which are the first technical works in Turkey, over 500000 publications, subscriptions to 125 databases which hold over 32000 journals, 1200000 electronic theses, 80000 e-books, thousand of standards and technical documents, digital media collections on films and musical recordings serves about 27000 members.

In 1997, work on an automation system that covered all ITU libraries were begun and as a result ‘’Innopac Library Automation System’’ which is widely used in universities all around the world were begun to be used. From January 1998, all library resources were automated. The aim of full automation is to:

  • Enable the ITU faculty, students and researchers to reach the ITU library holdings from anywhere in the world and borrow books that they need.
  • Enable the ITU faculty to borrow a book from libraries in Turkey and the world.
  • Search the library catalogue, online databases from outside the library.
  • Place the new books and the periodicals into service coded in a fast way

ITU libraries are based on an open access shelf system; there exists an efficient system of inter library loans and supply of periodicals. Books that are bought and periodicals subscribed to are announced through the library web page.

Mustafa İnan Library which serves as the central library in Ayazağa Campus has moved to its new building in 2007. With the new building, the services listed below have also been operational.

  • Audio-visual center
  • Reading areas
  • Cubicles for three people or one person
  • Rare books section
  • Map section
  • Meeting and movie rooms

Since February 2011, ITU Mustafa İnan Library has 24/7 access and it is the first and only university library in Turkey which has these access times.

Detailed information on the sources and services available at ITU libraries can be found on

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