Extending over an area of some 210 hectares, ITU’s campuses are located at Ayazağa, Gümüşsuyu, Taşkışla, Maçka and Tuzla. Of all the universities in Turkey, ITU has the largest ratio per student of indoor space. Within the ITU campuses, students have the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of social activities, including a range of sports facilities, as well as the numerous activity clubs.

The food and beverage facilities in every faculty building on the campuses provide services for both students and university personnel. The Medical-Social Centers (Health Centers) located on the Ayazağa and Maçka campuses provide medical services for all ITU members.

The student housing needs of ITU students are fulfilled with the dormitories located at various places on campus that were built in the past years. Dormitories on ITU campuses fulfill the needs of our student for high quality accommodation and offer the necessary social and physiological environment.

Gymnasiums, tennis courts, sport areas and fitness centers at ITU provide services for all students and university personnel. On our campuses, facilities for basketball, tennis, badminton, American football and various other sports exist.

The famous legend basketball team of ITU in Turkey league continues to make our students and all ITU graduates proud.


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