Along with the Taşkışla Campus, Gümüşsuyu Campus is located in the Taksim region which has been the most significant trade and culture center of Istanbul during the 19th century and is continuing to carry out the same function today. The campus hosts Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, along with an indoor sports facility and an outdoor sports area. Dormitories for females and males composing of 2 blocks with a 286-student capacity, offer students a quality of life  beyond standards.

Units at the Gümüşsuyu Campus

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design
  • Gümüşsuyu Sports Center
  • Dormitory for Boys
  • Dormitory for Girls

Contact Information

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Student Registrar Office)
Gümüşsuyu Campus 34437
Phone: 0212 293 13 00
Ext: 2416
Fax: 0212 245 07 95

Directions to the Gumussuyu Campus

To reach the Campus, public transportation vehicles can be used. You can get to Taksim by using Taksim-Hacı Osman metro line or Kabataş-Taksim funicular line. This campus is located on Gümüşsuyu Street which connects Taksim down to Beşiktaş.


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